What is this fly-sounding PingBomb thingy?

PingBomb is a free service created by web professionals to help everybody get a kick ass start in the search engines. By providing free tools to create backlinks and spread awareness of your content we aim to get your website listed or give it a boost in rankings Really Fast!

Why do you need backlinks?

Everybody knows that backlinks are a huge part of getting ranked in search engines but getting volumes of backlinks can be a lengthy and tedious process and we know that feeling all too well. That is why we created PingBomb, we want easy free backlinks and so do you.

Okay, Got it.. So what's the catch?

Honestly? There isn't one. We made PingBomb out of pure love for all things free and useful. If you want to support us, just tell your friends about our tools. If you don't feel like doing that, thanks for using the site!

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